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Mahajyothis Astro & Vedic Research Ltd

Mahajyothis Astro & Vedic Research Ltd ( Public Limited incorporated on 21-11-2013 , CID U93000KA2013PLC072001 ) is the project development wing of the Mahajyothis Trust which was founded in 2012 and managed by some of the most renowned citizens of scholarship in Kerala, like the Late His Highness Uthradam Thirunal, the Maharaja of Travancore Kingdom and Her Highness Parvathibhai Thampuratti etc. The company is functioning under the guidance of the honorable trustees of the same.


Mahajyothis Ltd has set the goal to create the best technology platform to promote and deliver the sacred services for the enchantment of different portfolios as well as their allied services, based on the exceptional knowledge-base of Indian culture, Vedas and Puranas.


Our vision is to become the world’s largest technology platform to dig up the information pool of the great ‘Bharathiya Sanathana Dharma’

Word from the Chair

Dear Investors and Customers ,

Dear Investors and Customers This company and our programs have taken with the intention to serve and support people, to use the vast knowledge pool what the Indian culture and Vedic era have bequeathed to us . The word ‘Indian’ stands for the word ‘Hindu’, not as a religion, but as the culture, heritage, knowledge, history and the living environment of every man and woman, no matter what color, cast, language, diet or nationality, provided they are living here in this soil. It does not stipulate any sort of terms, conditions or rules but they are free to use all the resources of this nation regardless any restriction.

Mahajyothis Ltd is committed to deliver the best services to its clients/the users and committed to preserve the values/interests of the investors by keeping the Mission & Vision on the top of the agenda. Preservation of the overall tradition, values and heritage is the primary goal of this company and based on that, the vast knowledge pool of this country, will be utilized. I would like to express my gratitude to all the investors, who have shown keen interests in and participated in this great endeavor. The mentors of this company, The Mahajyothis Trust have shown us a long path and given us the energy and strength to move through that, for a great cause. .

Thanking you all once again and assuring the best services and supports to our whole clientele

God Bless All...

We just love to create

and that is all the love we need, to do it

Our Leitbild

Our Leitbild (core principles) defines our corporate values and gives the direction for our businesses, innovation, technology, organization and corporate culture.

From the CEO’s Desk

Welcome to the world of technology ! We live in a world where social media and innovation is progressing rapidly. We tweet, tag, Instagram, blog, open channels on YouTube, vote up answers on Quora but we fail to notice that there are may or many other sections of the society is always left behind or nowhere in the picture of this digital-light. It was a practice since the post-freedom generations of India, to ignore or marginalize the greatest culture and heritage what we have, or what we had and the knowledge-pool belongs to it. The outcome was pathetic, we had lost a huge volume of vital findings and valuable information-treasures. On the other-side we were looking for knowledge from the west and they are smart enough to read in between our ancient stones.

We had kept aside and hundreds of different portfolios - people, process and events - belongs to the heritage, rituals and believes of India, through that cultural-amnesia ! It was funny that in one-side, the so called ‘western scientific empire’ was cracking the nuts with the stones and never dreamed about a book and a pen, this side we had 2 universities and the most ancient library system in India. We had reached to a situation where either we bring up those portfolios or it may loose for ever without a turn-back.

2012, a program called IDP (Inheritance Development Program) has been derived and developed by a group of technocrats, which became as the suedo-script to the development of a technology platform for the enrichment of the portfolios of the Indian culture as well as the research & development of the greatest knowledge-pool belongs that vedic as well as the Pauranic era. So we had introduced ‘Mahajyothis’, a web portal and technology, business and information interface.

At Mahajyothis, we are equipped with the cutting-edge technology, dedicates resource & enthusiastic data-miners and they are thriving the best of there services for those who are unlisted just because they are belongs to this culture and beliefs. We are committed to deliver the most smart and agile business system to manage different portfolios, the knowledge bank, research & education service and the media-broadcasting services.

We are blessed with many mentors and scholars whom are well-versed and well-digged into the vedic enchantments of India and welcoming more to contribute and guide us through their knowledge and wisdom. Our commitment for a wonderful business system as well as successful organization in the books of accounts are not only to those investors, whom are just believed us and this concept, but also to those whom are contributing and supporting us in the impression that this mission will make some signature in the history and contribute something to the upcoming generations.

Thanking you for time and welcoming you to a place where there is a system going to get deliver for the betterment of the future of India through enrichment of the inheritance

Wishing you all the best and don't hesitate to reach me at sun@mahajyothis.in